This a good time for the Legislature to invest in California by taxing large, profitable corporations

Reversing the housing crisis and addressing homelessness in particular will require large and regular investments. Assembly Bill 71, introduced by Democratic Assemblymember Luz Rivas, is a bold step to making these investments and takes into consideration that California has a lot of needs, and its current budget surplus is not expected to last. Hence, AB 71 funds itself by means of a targeted tax increase that will be paid for only by the largest corporations best able to pay.


Audit slams state homelessness response

California’s “disjointed” approach to homelessness is partly why the Golden State has the largest homeless population in the nation, according to an acerbic Thursday report from the state auditor. At least nine state agencies allocated $13 billion to homeless programs between 2018 and 2020 — but it’s unclear where exactly the money went, because the state doesn’t have a central entity that oversees their work or tracks progress.

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