Press Release: Bring California Home Coalition Calls for Budget Surplus to Support Long-term Approach to Fighting Homelessness

April 29, 2021
Contact: Nick Day | (612) 396-2908 | [email protected]

Bring California Home Coalition Calls for Budget Surplus to Support Long-term Approach to Fighting Homelessness

Today, the Bring California Home Coalition released the following statement in support of the Big City Mayors’ and State Senate Democrats’ budget proposals calling for a multifaceted long-term vision for combating homelessness in California:

“Our diverse coalition of over 300 advocates, elected officials, and nonprofit leaders was founded around a central tentpole value. We believe that to finally reverse the cycle of homelessness in California, we must establish an ongoing source of at least $2.4 billion in annual funding, and build a long-term, unified statewide approach — moving away from the status quo of year-to-year funding and lack of coordination across our state.

To that end, we have sponsored  AB 71, the Bring California Home Act — a bold proposal that would build a permanent source of funding, built on enforcing a tax on large corporations who shift profits overseas, and lay the groundwork for a unified, statewide approach. We continue to call on the Legislature to pass this legislation, and are pushing for its passage in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee today.

At the same time, we are clear-eyed that, after recent amendments, AB 71 will not raise the $2.4 billion in annual funding that was originally envisioned to properly address homelessness in California. In addition to the ongoing revenue source, AB 71 calls for the Legislature to use the state General Fund surplus and flexible federal funds to reach at least $2.4 billion. Consistent with that approach, Bring California Home is prepared to also support the Big City Mayors’ and State Senate Democrats’ proposals that would provide critical funding over four to five years, and put us on a path to a more robust ongoing revenue source in the future.

The Bring California Home Coalition supports:

  • Passage of AB 71 to create an ongoing source of funding to pay for ongoing costs of rental assistance and operating subsidies, services, and shelter operating costs

  • A large multi-year commitment of $4 billion per year for at least 4-5 years, as proposed by the State Senate Democrats and the Big City Mayors, paired with the Bring California Home Act comprehensive state strategies, which will act as a bridge to future ongoing funding

  • Future passage, either through a ballot measure or legislative passage, of revenue sources that will eventually provide ongoing funding of at least $2.4 billion per year to take effect when this year’s multi-year funding expires.

We are a solution-oriented coalition of leaders, and we are pragmatic about the ambitiousness of our plan. In this critical moment, as COVID-19 has worsened an already catastrophic homelessness crisis, we must be open to a wide range of positive solutions. We stand ready to work with leaders who agree — now, and into the future.”

Bring California Home, a coalition of elected officials and advocates from across California is supporting AB 71. For more information about the coalition and the plan to reverse the cycle of homelessness, visit


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