PRESS RELEASE: AB 71 Passes Assembly Housing Committee

April 29, 2021
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AB 71 Passes Assembly Housing Committee
Historic Legislation to Build Statewide Solution to Homelessness Heads to Appropriations Committee

Today, the Bring California Home Coalition released a statement following the vote in favor of AB 71 in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee:

“For the second time in just ten days, AB 71 has made history. With today’s successful vote in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee, our legislation to build a unified statewide approach to combating homelessness in California is headed for the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

The vote in favor of AB 71 is especially meaningful coming from the Housing and Community Development Committee — who have taken bold action to combat California’s homelessness and affordable housing crisis in previous years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic that has exacerbated it. With today’s vote, lawmakers from across California agreed that the scale of our crisis necessitates bolder, swifter action than ever before — which is why they voted yes on AB 71.

AB 71 is a commonsense proposal that would create new revenue to fight homelessness simply by asking major corporations to pay their fair share in taxes — instead of shifting profits overseas to avoid them. It is a pro-business measure that comes at no cost to individuals — crucial as we rebuild our economy from COVID-19.

Our diverse coalition of more than 300 elected officials, advocates, and nonprofit leaders stands ready to work with lawmakers and other leaders to move AB 71 forward and ensure it is signed into law.”

Bring California Home, a coalition of elected officials and advocates from across California is supporting AB 71. For more information about the coalition and the plan to reverse the cycle of homelessness, visit


It’s time to begin a transformational approach to ending homelessness.

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