Press Release: Bring California Home Coalition Issues Statement on Governor Newsom’s State of the State Remarks


March 10, 2021

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Bring California Home Coalition Issues Statement on Governor Newsom’s State of the State Remarks

In the wake of a damning State Auditor’s report calling for a more unified approach to solving homelessness, Governor Newsom delivered a State of the State Address in which he noted the importance of fighting homelessness as we rebuild from COVID-19. The following is a joint statement issued from the leaders of the Bring California Home coalition

“We’re encouraged that Governor Newsom acknowledged the homelessness crisis as a vital priority that must be tackled if California is truly committed to helping the most vulnerable people impacted by the pandemic. COVID-19 has exacerbated our homelessness crisis in a way we could have never foreseen. 

As the Governor noted, there are success stories like Homekey and Project Roomkey that we can build on. However, it’s clear that California needs to build a more stable, streamlined, unified approach—so that as the pandemic and our economic crisis lingers, we can reverse the heartbreaking increases in homelessness that we see in our communities. 

During last year’s State of the State Address, Governor Newsom called for a permanent, ongoing solution to homelessness—the need for which has only increased. 

Only a lasting solution like Assembly Bill 71 will give us the resources and certainty needed to deliver housing, health, and hope to our most vulnerable neighbors. By requiring that local governments present a detailed plan and clear annual benchmarks for success—and by holding governments accountable to meeting those goals—AB 71 would create crucial oversight to ensure every dollar is spent wisely, something our current disjointed approach cannot provide.

Our diverse, broad coalition looks forward to working with legislators, Governor Newsom, and other leaders to ensure we pass this critical legislation.”

Bring California Home, a coalition of elected officials and advocates from across California is supporting AB 71. For more information about the coalition and the plan to reverse the cycle of homelessness, visit


It’s time to begin a transformational approach to ending homelessness.

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